The Majestic North Group Inc.

O/A EWA Trading, Bermar Foods and Nick Kray Sales

The Majestic North Group Inc. is an amalgamation of two companies EWA Trading Inc. and Bermar Foods Inc. Both companies have been in the food distribution business for 15 years, but serving two different markets. EWA Trading, concentrated on the importation merchandise from Europe, primarily Poland, and serviced the ethnic market. Bermar Foods, concentrated on the distribution of the North American manufactured brand name products and serviced all of the major supermarkets.

Both companies were buying and selling merchandise to each other, and it became apparent that a union would be mutually beneficial. The union created a company whose whole was greater then the mere sum of its two parts.

Current Statistics

The Majestic North Group is now a company that is well positioned to attack and service a broad range of the market place. We are entrenched in the ethnic as well as the main stream economy. In Toronto we have warehouse space of forty thousand square feet. We service Ontario with ten sales representatives and a fleet of trucks that cover the entire province.

In Quebec we have a sales representative as well as a close association with a sub-distributor that has twelve representatives. We are officially listed supplier to most of the major supermarket chains as well doing business with one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States. We have customer base of well in excess of one thousand clients that we service directly. In addition to this we have sub-distributors in all of the major market places in North America.

We are shipping merchandise to New York, Chicago, Detroit, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and all points in between on a regular basis.

All of these sub-distributors are dealt with directly through head office by the owners of the company. As a result this is a company that is closely controlled by the owners on a day to day basis from administration to sales to physical supervision of the warehouse.

Strategies for Success

While it is very important to have access to major brand name products we have long recognized that the security of this company lies in controlling our own product line. To this end we have invested in manufacturing plant in Poland where we have warehouse facilities to consolidate containers and where we make a lot of our own products.

We work hard to establish and grow the market recognition of our own registered brand name products. We have product lines which we market under the registered trade marks, EWA, Chef's Fancy, Carpathia, King Polo and Herbapol.

Currently we carry just over one thousand different Sku's, many of which are under private label and which range from groceries to cookies to fish to cheese.

Exclusive Partners in North America for Richter & Greif

We also very proud of the fact that we were chosen by Richter & Greif, Germany, to be their exclusive partners for the North American market. Richter & Greif is the largest most technologically advanced fish canner in Europe and a member of a much larger group of companies known as Schwartau. To have been chosen by them as their exclusive representatives in North America was a great honor.

Corporate Mission Statement

To be a market leader by not only providing high quality at competitive prices, but most importantly to perform to the highest standards of customer service.

To build our business by forming strong partnerships with our suppliers & customers.

To develop and control our market by the promotion of strong brand name and trade mark labels.

To boldly go where we have not gone before!